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This is why You Should Avoid Leaving Water under your bed

It may seem very convenient for you to leave a glass of water near your bed, especially at night in case you got thirsty and you are too tired or lazy to go to the kitchen. While you may have heard many popular opinions about keeping yourself hydrated even all night, you may have missed some important counterarguments as to why you should avoid putting a glass near your bed. In this article, we will provide you with just the reasons you need to be aware of and probably change your mind concerning the matter

1) Avoid germs

If you’re one of the many people who have to reach over to pour a glass of water while in bed especially at night, then chances are you’ve been told not to do it. This due to the fact that the water you leave there for a whole night or a whole day can be easily contaminated. Not only can it possibly make you sick, but there’s also evidence that excessive amounts of dust or bacteria can seep into your drinking water and can make you sick.

2) Glasses are easy to Break

Glasses are easy to break, and especially at night or the right moment you woke up from sleep you may not realize that there is glass on your bedroom floor and eventually would risk stepping into it, this can cause serious injuries in your legs and cause excessive bleeding. The last thing you want to bet over is to deal with a cut on your leg or rushing to the emergency room once you wake up from sleep or in the middle of the night.

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